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From the burning hot of Multan to the freezing cold of Gilgit-Baltistan, I am going to write about travel and tourism in Pakistan. The beauty, vastness and the greatness I have experienced and witnessed traveling around the most beautiful tourist sites in Pakistan.
The tourist sites in Pakistan are immense yet underrated and un-highlighted. I am going to pen down my current and future adventures about roaming around Pakistan so people can take guidance as well as know about certain places that aren’t popular.

These are the places that have the real flair. This travel guide that is aimed not just at the Azaad Kashmir tourism and Gilgit-Baltistan tourism , but all over Pakistan. The focus will be scattered all over Pakistan to highlight the rare places that people don’t know much about. From my experiences, people can learn more about the places, how and what services are available, how the local communities are and how to get from one place to another.

Tourism is highlighted by people telling other people how to get around the tourist sites in Pakistan.What facilities are available, how are the places and how to get to those places. I will share all the details with you about my experience.
I hope this travel guide will explain to you how to get around the tourist points in Pakistan. What to expect and how to manage all the things you need for a good trip around Pakistan.

Happy traveling folks!

Tours in Pakistan

My Tour to Khunjerab Pass & Shandur (1995)

Rawalpindi-Chillas: In 1995 we (me and my friends) planned for Khunjerab pass and northern areas of Pakistan. It was decided that we’ll do this adventurous tour by public transport. We started our trip from Rawalpindi and reached Haripur by bus and it took us about 4 hours to reach their . After reaching Haripur we […]

Tours in Pakistan

My Tour to Buddhist Monasteries in KPK

In KPK, you will find one of a kind structures from time of Buddhists. These are one of the top tourist spots in Pakistan which have great potential to boost tourism in Pakistan. Most of these belong to the era of Maharaja Ashoka and late period of Buddhism. This was the time when north-west of […]