We are very committed to creating a unique experience for all of our readers and writers and therefore, we are creating this online platform for writers, photographers and bloggers, basically anybody who travels,  to not just share the fun times they have had while on their tours, but to also share and take benefit from useful, functional information such as visa procedures, ways to finance one’s travels, geo-political situation of the places they visited, budget decisions and how to execute them, sights and sceneries not to be missed, do’s and don’ts of the places visited, weather and climatic conditions and the associated actions in relation to it, tips on prepping up one’s luggage, and most important of all, developing on what we call a ‘winning attitude’ towards travelling.

We welcome contributors of all ages and background across Pakistan and beyond to come and share their thoughts in hope of turning Pakistan of not just a tourist destination but also making it a nation of travellers, people who love to travel and seek a mutual understanding of life based on an aggregated knowledge sharing the world over

So join in fellow travel enthusiasts and hop on to this journey of shared travel experiences for continued inspiration and motivation brought to our lives when visiting newer, stranger places, meeting people with different dialects, habits and rituals from ours, tasting exotic and strange foods, and understanding how diverse and different life is when we step out of our comfort zone called home and step in to newer territories!

“You get to know your true friends and their real persona while travelling.” – Anonymous

One would imagine that with increased mobility afforded by today’s technology, ease and awareness thanks to the Internet, ‘tourism’ would be a word synonymous with the Pakistani youth and population. Yet the numbers for international as well as domestic tourism are surprisingly low for a country like Pakistan, which on the domestic front is replete with opportunities for adventure, family, and eco-tourism and in terms of international tourism opportunities, houses a promising, entrepreneurial youth ready to spread its wings high and above.

Along with the dawn of smart technology and hyper connectivity, the youth of Pakistan is beginning to start considering the possibilities of stepping onto foreign shores as well, gone are the days of the yore when travelling to distant shores was a luxury afforded to the bureaucracy or the merchant seamen, today with greater access to information, efforts on the part of public and private enterprises for cultural assimilation, a very palpable desire is felt in the young populace of Pakistan to seek out a solo trip, or with a group of friends to often neglected places on our bucket list such as the streets of Havana playing classic Hispanic jazz, small hamlets of rural England, or even the naturally beautiful valleys of Azerbaijan.  

Perhaps, what really stops us short of travelling the length and breadth of our exquisite country is a truckload of wrongful perception and doubt drilled down upon us by the local media creating doubts in our minds about the ways and accessibility of areas we would otherwise throng to go to.

Additionally, on the local tourist front, the gap in what the Country has to offer and prevailing tourism numbers provides a great opportunity not just on an economic front, but also to the people in letting go off their deadbeat routines and bring a fresher perspective to life.

But where do we begin quenching our touristy thirst from?

For starters, we need to see the benefits that travel can provide us, and actively believe in the jewels that travel can bring into our lives. Ofcourse, everyone loves to travel, see sights, walk down the less visited  path, yet, we limit ourselves into thinking that travelling as a serious activity is not something within the confines of our scheduled lives.

 In order to truly accomplish the goal of having ticked off some area, some place, some sight off your bucket list, you have to take first leap forward, that of believing that everything is going to be alright once you let go off your inhibitions and make an executive decision of acquiring necessary information for where you want to stamp your foot down.

For some inspiration, just realise that Italy, with a population of nearly 60 million welcomes almost an equal number of tourists from across the globe every single year visiting the historical yet perfectly maintained towns and villages the country has to offer. Imagine what a country like ours can offer should we really start investing ourselves into this life changing project called ‘travelling’ ?

It is with this purpose, that we embark upon a mission to provide an open platform to people who travel, love to travel, love to read about travel and basically are dying to get their backpacks ready for both domestic and international travel!  

It becomes even more important for ventures like us to provide a platform to budding travel vloggers and writers to share their experience as the world has truly gotten within the cusp of our imagination and in the reach of our handheld devices with internet’s advent. The urge to travel, to share and re-live the experiences vicariously through the eyes of other people is unmatchable.

And what better way to do all of this under the umbrella of an aggregating platform that welcomes all and sundry to share their travel experiences across the globe and inspire their countrymen to contribute working towards building a real, softer image of Pakistan, by being welcoming hosts and a truly exuberant tourist nation. 

We intend to host this website as a platform, a door for all travel enthusiasts who venture into excursions both international and local, to learn about strange cultures, new traditions and befriend new people on the way and would like to share their views about the places they experience while travelling and being an active part of all things tourism.