My Tour to Morocco

My Tour to Morocco

Located in West of African continent, Morocco is a one of the most developed countries in Africa. It’s a Muslim country. Although it’s capital is Rabat but it’s largest city is Casablanca. Casablanca is the port city as well as industrial city. Usually most of the tourists visiting Morocco land in Casablanca and start their tourist expedition for Morocco tourist attractions (Marrakech tourism) by exploring this city.

I will like to make a correction for Urdu speaking tourists that in Urdu language the Morocco is considered as Marrakech, while in actual Morocco is the country and Marrakech is it’s city.

National Dish

The National dish of Morocco is Tagine. Tagine is cooked in a clay pot. Then vegetables and meat are added into the pot. Then it’s left to cook on a slow flame. After cooked it’s served in the same pot.

If you visit Morocco then you try this sumptuous dish.


Casablanca is the port city as well as industrial city. Usually most of the tourists visiting Morocco land in Casablanca and start their tourist expedition by exploring this city.

Casablanca is located at coastline, sea breeze blows regularly that’s why it’s weather is moderate. The administration of city has efficiently maintained it’s cleanliness. Tourists from all around the world visit Casablanca tourism spots. People love to make tour of this city because of it’s natural potential to attract tourism.

One thing is amazingly common in every city of Morocco. In every city you’ll see an older part of city and a new part of city. The old city is known as Medina The other common thing in all these cities is that there is a fort in each city. The fort is known as Kasbah.

Medina-Morocco Tourist Attractions

You can start your tour of Casablanca tourism from Medina. Medina is a walled city with different entrance gates. Entering into the Medina you’ll see many small markets and narrow streets. It’s a very colorful market. Many items are hanged outside the shops. It’s a very attractive and colorful experience for tourists and also for locals.

You can also meet the local residents of Medina wearing traditional dresses of Morocco. Many locals sell Kehwah and tea in these markets.

Hassan –II Mosque

After Medina the next touring spot in Casablanca tourism is Hassan-II Mosque. It’s one of the largest Mosques in the world. Located at the sea shore with it’s tall minarets, it’s an excellent model of latest construction trends.

The Mosque is so beautiful with very attractive decoration and designing. Tourists enjoy to make the tour of this Mosque which is a gem in the Morocco tourist attractions. Many guided tours are also available in the Mosque.

The Mosque has a huge basement with fountains, a museum and an ablution space as well.

Light House

Coming out of the Mosque, you’ll see an old light house. Many tourists love to see this old light house and take picture with it.

Shrine of Sidi Abderrahmane

Another tourist spot near Casablanca is the shrine of a saint known as Sidi Abderrahmane. This is located a few kilometers away in the South of Casablanca in the form of an island in the sea, You can hire a taxi or ride a bus to reach the main road and then take a boat to reach at the shrine. There are days when the sea level is lower, you can also walk from the main road to the shrine.

Mall of Morocco

The beautiful mall of Morocco is located at a distance of 1km from Sidi Abderrahmane. This is the largest mall of Casablanca with it’s vast spread and multiple floors. Tourists can easily spent a day in this mall.

You can start your tour from the Hassan-II Mosque, then go to Sidi Abderrahmane. After that you can visit Mall or Morocco and have lunch in there. After that you can come back to Casablanca.

Rabat-Morocco Tourist Attractions

After finishing my tour of Casablanca tourism attractions, I moved onto the next city of Morocco which is Rabat. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco. This is an extremely beautiful city.

Like Casablanca, Rabat also has a Medina and a Kasbah. You can spent 2-3 hours in Kasbah.

Railway Station

The beautiful railway station of Rabat is located on the main road of the city. This road is known as Muhammad-5 Avenue. Many important and beautiful buildings, restaurants and museum are located on this road. One on side the road there is Old Medina while on the other side of road you’ll see many Mosques.

Tomb of Muhammad 5

This is the tomb of the emperor of Morocco. It’s a beautiful building which gives you a clear reflection of the Moroccan style of construction. You can reach their either by a walk of 15 minutes or you can hire a taxi from the main city

Andalusian Gardens

These are very beautiful gardens where many local plants are arranged in very orderly style. These are very pleasing to the eyes. Tourists should visit this place to see a huge collection of local plants and model gardens.

While travelling from Casablanca towards Rabat, you can visit these gardens upon entering into Rabat.

Royal Palace-Morocco Tourist Attractions

The list of Morocco tourist attractions is not complete without Royal palace. The Royal family lives in the Royal palace which is located in Rabat. Tourists are not allowed to go inside the palace but you can have view of this building from outside.

Ahl fas Mosque

This beautiful Mosque is another gem in the Rabat city. The Mosque is located inside the Kasbah (fort). Among many tourists spots in Rabat this Mosque holds it’s distinct recognition. This is a magnificent display of modern style of construction.


Located near to Kasbah, Chellah is a structure with boundary wall and a beautiful gate. Inside the building there are many ancient monuments of Rabat. These give you a very clear idea about the culture and lifestyle of ancient times. You’ll see many local people wearing the cultural dresses and playing music.

Both, Chellah and Kasbah, are located outside the main city. You can plan a half day tour to these destinations.

It’ll take about 2 hours to visit this informative tourist spot in detail. You can combine your visit to Chellah with that of Kasbah.


An ancient and historical city, Morocco tourist attractions has a lot of historical structures including Mosques, Madrassas, Fountains and Tombs.


I’ll suggest that when you visit Medina of Marrakech, keep a map with you. Otherwise you’ll be lost in the narrow streets and markets of Medina. It’s difficult to navigate through this area.

But it’s a major attraction for all the tourists visiting Marrakech. It has exceptionally beautiful buildings, tombs of saints and Mosques.  

You can have delicious Marrakech dishes in the restaurants of Medina at a very economical price.

Jemaa el-Fna

The major central point of Marrakech is known as Jemaa el-Fna. This is a square/round about.  

Many tourists start their tour of Marrakech from Jemaa el-Fna. It is always full of visitors. Many people are passing, selling items and entertaining the visitors.

Near to this point there are many markets which are known as “souqs” in local language. For every item there is a separate souq including souqs of crockery items, leather items, copper items, clothes, clay items etc.

Koutoubia Mosque

This is the Grand Mosque of Marrakech which is why it’s a prime tourist spot. It’s always filled by the visitors including tourists. It’s a huge Mosque. The interior, exterior and minarets of Mosque depicts the ancient style of construction. In short, it’s a worth seeing structure.

Saadian Tombs-Morocco Tourist Attractions

Built by the rulers of old times, these are very beautiful and unique tombs. Visiting these tombs will take you to the time of those rulers that what was their culture and which design of construction they liked. These add more weight to the importance of Morocco tourist attractions.

Bin Youssef Madrasa

Located near to Saadian tombs, Sin Youssef Madrasa is a very old structure. It is claimed that this is the oldest Madrasa in Marrakech. It’s construction, design and building is worthseeing which attracts a lot of tourists every year. This will also give you an idea that how the students cpming from far away areas used to study in this Madrasa.

Tomb of Yousef Bin Tashfeen

Tomb of the famous Muslim emperor, Yousef Bin Tashfeen,  is also located in the Medina of Marrakech.  

While goings towards Medina, just before entering into medina you can see this tomb on the right hand side.

It’s located in a small building and opens in fixed timings. Otherwise usually it is closed for visitors.

Menara Garden

Located a bit outside of city and by the shore of a lake these are exceptionally beautiful gardens. It’s very close to the airport.

The lake and gardens are very beautiful and tourists can easy relax for 2 hours.  

There are also many restaurants in Menara garden and you can have delicious Marrakech dishes in there.

Fez-Morocco Tourist Attractions

Fez is another historical and ancient city of Morocco.

Fez El Bali

The Medina of Fez is the largest Medina of Morocco. In Fez the Medina is known as Fez el-Bale.

You can easily walk into this old city for 3-4 hours. There are many fountains in the squares on the roads. Many famous Mosques are located here. Many different markets are always open for the visitors.

There are many leather tanneries, as well.

Kairouan Mosque

This is the most famous and worth seeing Mosque in Fez El Bali.

Kairouan University

Kaiouan university is the oldest university of Morocco. It is located near to Kairouan Mosque.

Royal Palace

In Fez, there is a royal palace as well. You can take pictures of this palace from outside. Visitors are not allowed in this palace.

Cultural Shows

In fez, many cultural shows are arranged after dinner. Tourists can contact the information desk of their hotels to get information about the location, timings and tickets of these cultural shows. Usually the dinner is included in the ticket of the cultural show.


Volunilis is the city of Morocco where a lot of ruins and archeological sites are present. If you are going from Fez to Tangier then Volubilis will be on this way.

During  this tour from Fez to Tangier you can make a stay of 2-3 hours at Volubilis. Within these 2-3 hours you can easily visit the archeological sites and the Museum in Volubilis.

These ruins of Volubilis are of Roman era. These date back just before the advent of Islam in Morocco. At that time Morocco was being ruled by Romans.


While your tour from Fez to Tangier, another city on your way will be Chefchaouan. The speciality of this city lies in the fact that exterior of all the houses in this city is painted with blue color. Among the Morocco tourist attractions this city holds it's separate position.

The city with blue houses appeals your eyes even from a far distance.

In Chefchaouan you can also visit the Medina, Kasbah and many gardens.

Tangier-Morocco Tourist Attractions

On way to Tangier you travel along the costal line. Tangier is the last city of Morocco in North among the other Morocco tourist attractions. From here you can see the mountains of Spain and Gibraltar. Even in night you can see lights in the Spanish region.

Ibn e Batota Airport

The airport of Tangier is known as Ibn e Batota airport.

Idler’s terrace

This is the highest point in Tangier. This terrace is full of visitors specially in night. Tourists love to visit this hot destination spot and take pictures of Spanish side as well.


Tourists can also enjoy at the beautiful and clean beaches of Tangier. You can walk along the beaches for long distance and can have a look of this beautiful city.

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