My Tour to Egypt

Located in African continent, Egypt is a country which attracts tourists from all around the world. The basic reason for this tourist attraction is the history and well maintained tourist sites in Egypt. It’s very difficult to find the historical structures in such a good condition. I’ll say that if you get a chance have a trip to Egypt, then you shouldn’t miss that chance. Because such an old and detailed history cannot be seen in any other country of world.

Egypt has seen many eras. Egypt of Pharos era, Muslims era, Salah ud Din Ayubi’s era. All these eras has gifted Egypt with a lot of unmatched History. Egypt has variety of structures including structures of Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Above the all, you’ll be astonished to see the structures of Pharos era. Specially their tombs. Not only the structures, rooms and buildings are in their real condition, but the handmade paintings on the wall of these building are preserved in their actual condition.

These paintings and crafting are so well maintained that you’ll someone has made them just a few minutes ago. Their strength and durability is really surprising.

Egyptian government has taken excellent measures to prevent all these structures in their actual condition. Due to these measures tourists are not allowed to take pictures or use camera inside the structures. At places where photography is allowed, use of flash is prohibited as it can damage the paintings.

Tourists are not allowed to touch anything in these structures. Either such things are fenced or protected by a glass wall.

Note: What you can see in Egypt depends on the span of your trip to Egypt. If you are in Egypt for a week then you can hardly visit Cairo and Alexandria. But if the span of your tour is two weeks or more then you can visit other parts of Egypt which are also very beautiful and located by the shore of Nile river.


Most of the people reach Egypt by plane. And it’s obvious that flights land in Cairo. When someone hear the name of Cairo, the first thing coming into mind is Pyramids of Egypt. There are many Pyramids in Egypt, but famous are those which are near Cairo. These are the famous tourist sites in Egypt.

Many Western tourists love to travel to these Pyramids from Cairo Railway station by riding camels. Although it’s expensive and time consuming but it’s a complete new experience for them. So, It's a big tourist attraction in Egypt, Cairo.

There was a time when Cairo city was at one edge of Nile river and Pyramids was at it’s other edge. So, at that time these Pyramids were outside the boundary of Cairo city. But now the Cairo city was stretched it’s boundaries and encompassed the Pyramids into it’s range.

Basically these are three Pyramids.

Pyramid of Cheops

This is the biggest of all three Pyramids.

Pyramid of Chephren

This is the second largest in size.

Pyramid of Mycerinus

The smallest of all three Pyramids is the Mycerinus.

To enter into these three Pyramids you have to buy a ticket for each Pyramid. Or you can purchase ticket for all three Pyramids collectively. All the Pyramids have their separate entrance. When you enter the Pyramid, initially the way leading to inside is narrow. But when you reach into the main hall inside the Pyramid, it’s a huge room. You will not feel that you are inside a Pyramid. The ventilation is surprisingly excellent.

It’s astonishing that how the workers of Pharos era built such an amazing structure by placing the huge stones on one above the other. No cement is used to adhere these stones but even during a rain storm, not even a single drop of water seep through the stones. They are so amazing which makes them one of the top tourist sites in Egypt.

In front of entrance of these Pyramids there stands a huge statue having the body of a lion and face of a man. This statue is known as Sphinx. This Sphinx is the land mark of the area. Tourists love to take pictures with this statue.

I’ll suggest that you should visit these Pyramids in night as well. In night, a light and dance show is organized on the Pyramids which is worth seeing. In light this show they cast the light on the Pyramids and by playing sound with slide show the measurement, history and construction is explained to the tourists. Tourists enjoy this show a lot.

In the North of this Pyramid, five trenches were discovered. It is claimed by the locals that boats of Pharos’ era were discovered from these trenches. Those boats were used by the Pharos to cross the Nile river.

But now these trenches have been converted into a museum. This museum contains the belongings of Pharos. All the items are very well preserved. You can buy a ticket to enter this museum.

Cairo Museum

Considered as the best museum in world, the Cairo Museum is a very favorite and one of the attractive tourist sites in Egypt. You will need at least a half day to visit this place in detail.This museum contains many antique items which were discovered by archeologists from Pyramids and all around the Egypt. The history of Egypt is very effectively summarized in this Museum.

On the first floor of this museum, there is a gallery where the mummies of Pharos are preserved. Tourists can easily see these mummies. It is claimed that among these mummies, there is the mummy of Pharaoh who was present during time of Muslim’s Holy Prophet Moses (P.B.U.H).

Cairo Tower

Another one of the must visit tourist sites in Egypt, Cairo is Cairo Tower. You can go to the to the top of this tower which is known as observatory/observation deck. This is a tall building located at the shore of River Nile. You can have an excellent view of Nile and the surrounding from the top of this tower. Inside this building many belongings of Pharos era are placed in a descriptive manner pattern.

Cairo Citadel

The foundation of Cairo city was laid at this point which is known as Cairo Citadel. Basically this is a fort. Inside this fort there is a museum which contains the historical items including those which were used in warfare.

Inside the fort there is a mosque known as Al Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qalawun Mosque. It’s a beautiful grand Mosque and I will recommend that every tourist should visit this place.  

Next to this is another Mosque known as Muhammad Ali Mosque. This Mosque is also worth seeing. The construction pattern of both these Mosques is very similar to the Turkish style of construction.

Pharaonic Village

Pahaonic village is ranked among the top tourist destinations in Egypt. Basically this is a Museum. In this Museum there is an artificial Nile river and many live models of Pharaonic era. People dressed up in dresses of ancient times and depict the culture of Pharaonic era including their the agricultural techniques, manufacturing techniques and household.

So, visiting this museum will take you back to the Pharaonic era. You should plan a tour of at least 2 hours to visit this museum in detail.

Cruise Trip in Nile

A big tourist attraction in Cairo is the cruise trip in river Nile. Tourists love to make this trip in Nile. You can book this tour with any tour operator. The package includes pickup from your hotel to the cruise, dinner on cruise, cultural show on cruise and drop back to your hotel.  

Tahrir Square or Ramsis Square

This is a big square in Cairo just like we have Lakshami Chowk in Pakistan and Red Square in Russia. Around this square there is a Mosque, many government offices, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants. So you can visit this prime spot in a morning or evening.

Mosque of Syedena Hussain (A.S)

This is the Mosque of Syedena Hussain (A.S). This reason of popularity of this Mosque among tourist lies in the fact that there is a tomb inside the Mosque. It is claimed by the local Egyptians that the Head of Syedena Hussain (A.S) is buried in this tomb and his body was buried in Karbala, Iraq.

That’s the reason that you’ll see a lot of tourists and locals at this place.


The beautiful and the second largest city of Egypt, Alexandria, is located at the shore of the sea. Public transport from Cairo to Alexandria is easily available as buses and trains frequently travel in between. One can reach from Cairo to Alexandria in 2.5-3 hours.

According to my experience one should spent 2 days in Alexandria.

The worth seeing tourist destinations in Alexandria includes but not restricted to Roman Amphitheatre, Alexandria Fort, many beautiful Mosques, Anfushi tombs, Pompeys Pillar, Catacombs, Alexandria university, Alexandria Railway Station, Tomb of unknown soldier, Mosque od Abu Abbas El Mursi, Tomb of Al Busiri (writer of Qasida Burda Shareef).

Other Cities

As I’ve mentioned in note at the start of this article that if the length of your tour in Egypt is two weeks or more then you can visit other parts of Egypt as well.

These towns can be visited easily as they are connected by public transport which is frequently and easily available.

These towns includes:



Travelling from Cairo to the down by Nile river, the first city to reach is Qena.

Dendera Temple Complex

Located at 5km from Qena city, Dendera Temple Complex is a big structure. Many local and foreign tourists visit this place. All the walls of this building has engraved paintings of Pharos and their belongings.

 It’s so huge structure that you’ll be amazed to see that how the workers of those times managed to construct such a huge structure without and advances machinery.


Located close to Nile the next major city after Qena is Isna. In Isna there is a temple of Pharaohs era. Like other tourist sites in Egypt, many tourists visit this place while their tour.

I left from Cairo by bus at 12am and reached Isna at 6am.


Edfu is located next to Isna. I took bus from Isna and reached Edfu. Major tourist spot in Edfu is a worship place of Pharaohs era. In this place many statues crafted from stones can be seen. These are crafted into shapes of animals and humans of that time. All these give you a very clear idea of culture and traditions of that era.

Kom Ombo

It’s a huge worship place with associated residential apartments of ancient times. This structure is made up of huge pillars and slabs. It’s walls are engraved with the paintings of various shapes.

It’s located close to the railway stations and you can easily reach their. I reached from Edfu to Kom Ombo by bus. It’s a worth seeing tourist spot and you shouldn’t miss this place.


The last stop of this route is Aswan. You’ll reach their after visiting all the spots I’ve mentioned earlier. I reached Aswan from Kom Ombo by train.

Many tour operators arrange cruise tours from Aswan to nearby temples via Aswan lake. It’s usually a 2-3 days long cruise tour.

I had planned to stay at Aswan for a night but by luck I got a Wagon ready to leave for Abu Simbel, so I changed my mind and left to Abu Simbel. I visited Abu Simbel and then came back to Aswan to see Aswan in detail.


The markets of Aswan are very lively and among them the Tourist’s Market is prominent one. You can spent a lot of time wandering and enjoying in these markets. A lot of Egyptian products are available in these markets at a good price.

Unfinished Obelisk

In ancient times, the huge pillars in single piece were made by cutting mountains. The mountains of Aswan are famous for such purposes.

But there is one column whose cutting has been left unfinished because it cracked during the cutting process. So, it’s left as it is. Many tourists are attracted to see this amazing unfinished obelisk.

Elephantine Island

This is a beautiful island with exceptional roman structures. It’s very close to Aswan lake.

Kitchener Island

A beautiful small island, Kitchener island, is located close to the Aswan. The lifestyle of the people of this island is very interesting. Most of them are associated with the profession of agriculture. The environment and food of this island will give you a very unique experience. Among other tourist sites in Egypt, this is also a famous one.

You can take a boat from Aswan and make a tour of this island in 2-3 hours.

Old Aswan Dam

You can visit this old dam and go down to it’s gates.

New Aswan Dam

The new dam is constructed at higher level than the old one. So you can go to the bridge of this new dam and have a splendid view of the surroundings.

Abu Simbel

The largest worship place which is known as Abu Simbel is at a distance of about 2.5 hours from Aswan. Having huge statues of Abu Simbel and his family, this structure is a top attraction for tourists from all around the world.

The structure was designed in such a way that at 1 day in every year the rays of sun rise fall onto the face of Abu Simbel by passing to 2-3 rooms. This can be observed even at the present time. Every year tourists gather at that specific day to see the majestic scene of sun shine.

This structure has many rooms which are basically caves in mountains. You move from one room to another and then finally reach to the room having statue of Abu Simbel.

In Abu Simbel there was a huge worship place of Abu Simbel. But with the construction of Aswan dam, this huge structure was submerged into the lake of dam.

The Egyptian government with the collaboration of United Nations planned to transfer the structure to a new place. They number each part of structure, cut it down, moved it to the new site and reassembled it just like the original structure. These contributions have maintained many tourist sites in Egypt.

Like Cairo, a light and sound show is arranged in Abu Simbel at night. This is a very informative show and I suggest that you should attend this show.

Sharam El-Sheikh

Saharam El-Sheikh is a majestic tourist destination. It’s beautiful beaches and clean blue water attracts tourists from all over the world. It holds a unique position among other tourist sites in Egypt.

After visiting all the tombs and belongings of Pharaohs era I still managed to spare 2-3 days of my tour. I decided to move to the East of Egypt where I visit the marvelous city of Sharam El-Sheikh.

There are many five star hotels in there having their own swimming pools and many other activities. But a stay in any of these hotels can cost you a lot of money.

So, if you want to save money then you can spend complete day in Sharam El-Sheikh and in evening you can move to Dahab. Dahab is a town located at a distance of 1 hour and have many economical accommodations, break and breakfast. That’s why all the economy class tourists make their night stay in Dahab.

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