My Tour to Macau

Located near to Hong Kong and China, Macau tourism is one of the famous tourist destination of tourists from all around the world. Just like Hong Kong, Macao was a part of China. But China leased Macao to Portuguese as they leased Hong Kong to British.

I visited Macao in 1985. At that time Macau was governed by Portuguese. But in 1999, as per lease agreement, Portuguese handed over Macau to Chinese. So now Macau is part of China again.

How to Get There

I was on my tour to Hong Kong when I decided to visit Macao as well. I travelled from Hong Kong to Macao through Fairy. But if you are coming from China then you can travel to Macao even by road as it is linked to China by a road.

Basically you can get two types of Fairy ride from Hong Kong for Macao. One ride is known as Jet fairy which will take you from Hong Kong to Macao in 2 hours. The other one is regular Fairy ride which is comparatively slower in speed. I opted for regular fairy as it was economical. I got onto the fairy from Hong Kong at 12 am and reached Macao at 6 am.



Macao is a small island. You can make a tour of Macao either by walking or you can hire a taxi.

Casino Lisboa

The land mark of Macao is Casino Lisboa. When you get out of the fairy terminal, the first tall building you’ll see is Casino Lisboa. Casino Lisboa has a casino, hotel and tourist information center inside. You can visit this place in noon but to enjoy the liveliness of this casino you should visit this place in night. Tourists rusk to this place to make their tour memorable.

Ruins of St. Paul

Now converted into ruins, St. Paul was a big church or Christians. But still this structure has maintained it’s beauty. This is the reason that it is one of the major tourist attraction in Macau tourism.

Monte Fort

Monte Fort is located near to ruins of St. Paul. This was used to be the fort of Macau. It will give you a clear idea that how rulers of that time used to live here. You can get some very good pictures in the fort. Tourists love to visit this place as it still has a lot of equipment of old times placed in it.

Border Gate

Located in North of Macau, there was a border between China and Macau before 1999. But after 1999 this border is not effective but it’s at the same place just as a memory of Portuguese rule. That’s why tourists should never forget to visit this border.

Lin Fung Temple and Kun Lam Temple

On the way to Border Gate you can visit Lin Fung Temple and Kun Lam Temple. These two temples are built in Chinese styles. Both of temples are beautiful and worth seeing.

Lau Lim Lok Gardens

Located close to St. Paul ruins, Loc Lim Lok gardens are Chinese style, very beautifully decorated gardens. There are plants of various species, fountains and a water channel in the garden. There are walk ways by this water channel where you can walk and relax.

Based on my experience I’ll rate this place as one of the best tourist spots in Macau tourism. So tourists visiting Macao must not skip these gardens.  

Macau Museum

Museums are always the perfect places to learn about the history of any country. Located near to St. Paul ruins, Macau museum is an ideal place for those who want a clear picture of history of Macau. This museum has many models and items of old times. So. Macau tourism is incomplete without this.

Penha Hill and Guia Light House

Penha hill is located in the South of Macau. Climbing on the peak of this hill will give you an excellent scenic view of Macau. I’ll suggest that tourists should climb at the peak of the hill to have this detailed view. From the top you can see harbor, sea and Guia light house which is the only light house of Macau.

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