My Tour to Hong Kong

Hong Kong 1985

Located in the East of China, Honk Kong is a beautiful island. As I have told in my previous article “My Tour to Macao” that before 1997 Hong Kong was leased to British by China. British handed over Hong Kong to China in 1997. I tried to visit multiple Hong Kong tourist places.

I made this tour to Hong Kong in 1985. 

When we talk about Hong Kong, basically we talk about four different regions which are jointly known as Hong Kong. All these regions are famous tourist destinations. You can take a boat tour around Hong Kong island which will take about 1.5-2 hours.

In addition to these four regions, Hong Kong has many small islands in it’s surroundings. But those islands are not much popular among the tourists. But if you want to visit these islands then you can go there by ferry. These four regions include:

Hong Kong Island

This is a big island having all the major buildings, government and private offices and ferry terminals. The environment of Hong Kong is very unique. You can make a tour of this island by walking, Hong Kong tourist places include other attractions as well.

You’ll enjoy this walk because Hong Kong is very safe island with clean streets and beautiful views. The Hong Kong tourist places include:

Victoria peak

The top tourist attraction in main Hong Kong island is Victoria peak. This is the peak of a mountain. On climbing this peak you can have a detailed and scenic view of Hong Kong island, Lantau island, Lamma island and other nearby islands.

You can reach Victoria peak either by riding a tram, cable car, bus or taxi. You can You can also climb this peak by hiking but it’s a difficult task that will consume your 1 hour.

I’ll suggest that you should visit this peak in day time and also in night. In night you’ll see a very luminous view of Hong Kong and it’s surroundings.

New Territories

This is the region of Hong Kong island which share it’s boundary with China. There are residents and agriculture farms. This area don’t offer much to tourists.

Night Market

This is the market which opens in night and many people rush to this market.

On the opposite side of this market there is the terminal from where you can get ferry for Macao. The Ferry terminal for Kunlun island is also near to this market.



The second major region of Hong Kong is known as Kunlun. This is not physically joint with the Hong Kong Island. For travelling to Kunlun you have to use ferry which is known as Star ferry. It takes about 15 minutes to travel from Hong Kong to Kunlun. The Star fairy is a 24/7 service with negligible fare.

The railway station is also in Kunlun from where trains leave for China.

This is a hot tourist spot. The airport is located in Kunlun. You can easily find hotels and shopping centers in Kunlun so many tourists prefer to stay here.

ChungKing Mansion

ChungKing mansion is a place in Kunlun where you can get some very good and economical accommodations. In addition to cheap accommodation, this place is at 10 minutes walk from Star ferry terminal.

Islamic Centre

Islamic center is the largest Mosque in Kunlun. This also has a museum in it. This mosque is located right in the center of Kunlun. A lot of Muslims visit this Mosque so Halal food restaurants are easily available in it’s surroundings.   

Near to Islamic center there are many shopping areas where you can spent some very good time.

Sung Dynasty Village

Sung Dynasty Village is the place where many Chinese cultural shows, magic shows and dance performances are organized. There are very beautiful gardens where tourists can relax.

In short, this place has much to offer the tourists who visit this place which makes it a hot tourist destination.

Ocean Park

Ocean park is darling place of tourists, specially of children. There are many rides, roller coaster, ferrous wheel and excellent restaurants. I’ll suggest that you should not skip this tourist spot.


Hong Kong tourist places includes many temples. The famous temples in this region include Wong Tai Sin temple, Ching Chang Koon temple and Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery.

Space Museum

The space museum is a very unique tourist spot located near to Star ferry terminal. This is an ideal place for those tourists who have interest in space science or space studies.

Lantau Island

Lantau island is the third region of Hong Kong. This is a residential area which is famous for it’s gardens and temples.

Lamma Island

Lamma island the forth region of Hong Kong. This region is not physically attached to main Hong Kong island. So you can ride a ferry to reach their. This journey will take about 45 minutes.

This island is known for it’s restaurants so most of the tourists visit this island to enjoy sea food.

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