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Located in the South-East of Asia, Indonesia is one of the biggest countries in Asia. Indonesia tourism is famous among global tourists. Indonesia is combination of a huge amount of 13,700 islands. Out of these 13,700 islands, three islands which are spread over a large area are quite popular among tourists. These three islands include:

  • Sumatra which is located in North-West of Indonesia.
  • Java where, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is located.
  • And finally the most loved tourist attraction for tourists, Bali which is located in North-South of Indonesia.

Most of the tourists in Indonesia visit these three islands. And 80% of these tourists prefer to visit Java and Bali. Sumatra was the island which was most effected by the Tsunami few years ago. There is majority of Muslims in Sumatra which have their own values. So most of the western tourists don’t prefer to visit Sumatra.

How To Get There

If you want to travel to Indonesia then you should know that 80% of international flights land in Jakarta which is the capital and located in Java.

Many international flights land directly in Bali too. Tourists who want to just want to visit Bali should book such flights.

Indonesia is a big country. To travel in this country, tourists have to choose from plane, train and bus. Travelling by plane will save much of your time but it’ll be quite expensive so I’ll suggest to use train or bus.   



Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and located in Java, offers a lot of attraction to tourists. To see the beauty of this in detail you should manage to spent at least two days in this vastly spread city. On my tour to Indonesia I landed in Jakarta, Java. So, I started my tour from Jakarta.

It’s a huge city which in spread vastly and randomly. For tourists who visit Jakarta for first time, it’s not easy to navigate through network of roads.

Accommodation in Jakarta

But you’ll be happy to know that if you have reserved a hotel in Jakarta in advance then it’ll be easy to reach at your destination. From airport you can easily get onto a bus transport which is also very economical. This bus service from airport is available for almost all parts of the city. Second option is to hire a taxi, but this will be expensive as compared to bus.

If you are visiting Jakarta for the first time and you haven’t reserved a hotel in advance and you are looking for an economical accommodation. In this scenario I’ll suggest you to visit Jalan Jaksa in center  of Jakarta city known as Merdeka Square.

Jalan Jaksa

Jalan Jaska is the area where you’ll get a reasonable accommodation of your choice. The category of accommodation ranges from backpackers and tourists to five star hotels. It is located very near to Merdeka Square.

Merdeka Square

The central part of Jakarta city is known as Merdeka Square. Merdeka square is a huge park around which you can get economical accommodation and visit many tourist spots. There you’ll get an economical accommodation .All the major tourist destinations are near to this central part of city. These tourist spots include:


Monas is the national monument of Indonesia located exactly in center of Merdeka Square. It is a tall column in shape of a minaret.   

Indonesia National Museum

The national museum is located near to Merdeka square. Indonesia tourism is incomplete without a visit to the museum.

Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque is at a corner of Merdeka square.

All Saints Church

Next to Istiqlal Mosque you’ll see a building which is All Saints Church

Sukarno Monument

Sukarno Monument is another tourist spot that you can visit in Merdeka Square.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Tourists when you are in for Indonesia tourism, keep in mind that you should not miss Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. You’ll need a half day to visit this place in detail.

I’ve told you that Indonesia is a big country with various races as it’s residents. You’ll notice that after travelling a 100km from place to place the culture, traditions and language of people will change.

So, in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah there are 27 models of houses with dummies wearing dresses. Indonesia has 27 provinces so each model house is a representative of each of the province. These are very descriptive and beautiful models of different races, traditions and cultures of Indonesia. This one place will summarize the story of different cultures of Indonesia in a beautiful way.  


Yougyakarta is the historical city also located in Java. Portuguese and Dutch have ruled this city for a long period. It’s a hot tourist destination. Tourists visiting Indonesia might skip Jakarta but they never skip this city. This city hosts tourists from round the globe and throughout the year.  

Travelling from Jakarta to Yougyakarta by train or by bus will take almost 12 hours. If you are travelling by air then this distance will shrink to 1.5 hour.

If you are looking for economical accommodation then it can be found around the railway station. You can also get accommodation on the main road leading from railway station to city.  Tourists accommodation, bed and breakfast and guesthouses are easily available.

The famous tourists attractions in Yougyakarta include:

Kraton Yougyakarta

The royal palace is known as Kraton Yougyakarta and it’s worth seeing. This is an old wooden structure. This is another gem in Indonesia tourism. This palace gives you a clear idea of the lifestyle of Sultan.

Museum Yougyakarta

If you are a lover of ancient items then you should visit this museum. This museum contains well preserved and maintained ancient articles which takes you back into the old times.

Historical Religious Sites

These are the religious sites located near to Yougyakarta. The importance of these sites for tourists can be estimated from the fact that these are listed in the UNESO list of world heritage sites. These are the famous tourist attractions that tourists love to visit.Many tour operators arrange special tours to these sites, They pick you from your hotel, take you to the tour of these sites and drop you back to your hotel.

These historical sites include:

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple is basically a hindu temple which is about 17km away from Yougyakarta. You can get to this either by a taxi which will be expensive or join an organized tour. These organized tours can be found easily. They are informational about Indonesia tourism. Just visit some tour operators and book the most economical one.

Borobudur Temple

Located at a distance of 42km from Yougyakarta Borobudur Temple is the second historical place that you should visit. You can visit this place by either taking a taxi or an organized tour. You can also get a combined tour of both these temples.

This is a tall structure made of bricks and stones. You can climb onto top of the structure by stairs. Basically this is a round structure and made into different steps. You can climb this structure step by step with the help of stairs. This is a very beautiful and worth seeing structure whose beauty cannot be explained in words but the attached pictures will give you some idea of it’s beauty.

Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi, located near to Yougyakarta, is a site of volcanic eruption. It is a highly recommended tourist spot in Indonesia tourism. It’s about 40 minutes away from Yougyakarta. You can reach here either by hiring a taxi or getting onto public transport. You can get very near to it and get a detailed view of it’s peak.  


Also located on the island of Java, Solo is a city which is at a distance of 30 minutes from Yougyakarta. You can spare a day from your tour and travel to Solo from Yougyakarta. You’ll easily get back to Yougyakarta before sunset. Based on my personal experience I’ll highly recommend this tour to Solo. It will add a lot of weight to your Indonesia tourism.

In Solo there is a wooden palace made up of Sultans Era. This is very beautiful structure but from construction point of view is very different from the wooden palace of Yougyakarta.

In addition to this palace, Solo offers it’s tourists the attractions like parks and beautiful temples.


Located in Eastern Indonesia Surabaya is the second largest city of Indonesia after Jakarta. This is an industrial city.


Located in South-East of Indonesia, Bali island is a very famous tourist destination. There are number of tourists which visit Indonesia just to spend vacation in Bali. As international flights also land in Bali, many tourist land in Bali, spent their holidays in Bali and takeoff from Bali back to their hometown.

All these facts are a clear indication that you should visit this hot tourist spot. Indonesia tourism is full of such spots.

If you want to visit Bali from Jakarta, it’ll take 2 hours by plane. And you are planning to travel by road or train then you should keep in mind that it’ll take about 48 hours to reach Bali. From Surabaya it’s a road trip of about 10 hours.

It’s a very beautiful island and it’s cities include:


Denpasar is the city of Bali which has the international airport. If you are traveling to Bali by air then you’ll land in Denpasar.


Ubud is the beautiful city of Bali. It’s a mountainous area. With a nice weather and forests in it’s surroundings, Ubud attracts all the tourists visiting Bali. Tourist’s accommodation is very economical and easily available. That’s the reason most of the tourist in Bali prefer to stay in Ubud.

Transport service is readily available in Ubud. You can get transport to any other city.

Kuta Beach

Located near to Denpasar airport Kuta beach is very favorite tourist spot among all the tourists. Unlike Ubud, Kuta is a beach. Accommodations are economical and easily available.  Many tourists love to stay here.

So the tourists who like mountains can stay in Ubud and those who like beaches can stay in Kuta.

Mengwi Temple

Mengwi temple is a hindu temple which attracts tourists from all around the world. Most of the pictures of Bali that you’ll se on internet are mostly of Mengwi temple. Major population in Bali is of Hindus so most of the temples in Bali are hundu temples. It is a trademark of Indonesia tourism.

You can get at this temple from both Ubud and Kuta.

Tanah Lot Temple

Located at 45 minutes drive from Ubud, Tanah Lot Temple is one of it’s kind. It’s in the form of an island and located in the center of the sea.

Tourists love to take pictures of it’s sun set.

Actually, initially this temple was joined with the earth surface but with passage of time the sea eroded the soil and it was cut off from the land in the shape of an island.

Lake Bratan

Lake Bratan is a huge lake located at 2 hours drive from Kuta. This lake has a temple right in it’s center. This temple is known as Bedugul. The combined view of lake and Bedugul temple is very scenic and beautiful. Tourists love to do boating in this lake and spent some time in the temple.

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