My Tour to Tunisia

My Tour to Tunisia

Tunisia is a country of African continent and situated in the east of Morocco. It’s capital is Tunis. In Tunis, the major tourists attraction is ancient heritage of Roman era. These spots are located very near to Tunis city. You can travel by a train, the train has stops at each of these locations. You can also visit these sites by bus or taxi.


Tunis is the capital city on Tunisia. So it’s understood that Tunis is a MUST VISIT place during your tour to Tunisia. So, while my tour to to Tunis I have visited following spots which I am going to share with you:

Bardo Museum

Bardo museum is the largest museum in Tunis. It is a multistory building. Here you can see many beautiful paintings and hand crafted models from old times. These all are very well preserved. So, you tour will not be complete if you miss to visit this museum.


In Tunis, you should visit Carthage where a number of tourist spots are located very close to each other. You can see them all if you visit Carthage. Following are the tourist spots that you can visit in Carthage:

Antonian Bath

The famous of these places is Antonian Baths. This was the place where Roman people used to take bath. Separate rooms were there in which warm water was available as well.

Roman Villas

This was the residential place for Roman Elite.

Bysra Quarter

This was the place where common people used to live.


Basically this was a rest area for travelers. Near to this there is a graveyard as well.

Carthage Byrsa Museum

This is a museum where different belongings of ancient civilization are at display.

Building With Columns

This is the place with a lot of standing pillars. It is said that it was a place of social gathering for Romans. The roof of this building is no more and now only pillars are standing.

Punic Ports

These are the ports of old time. These are located in Southern side of the archeological site. It is said these ports are about 500-600 years BC old.

To visit all the above mentioned tourist spots at least one full day is needed. Depending on your choice you can travel through train or by bus.  

Sidi Bou Said

After visiting Carthage, there is a town in one corner of the city known as Sidi Bou Said. It’s speciality is that it is situated at elevation. The whole town constitutes of buildings which are painted in white and blue paints. Looking at this town will give you a majestic feeling.

You can wander into the bazaars or you can go at the sea shore. So, you can easily spent 3-4 hours in this town to fully enjoy it’s beauty. That’s the reason it’s a hot tourist spot. A lot of tourists visit this town every year.

Medina(old city) of Tunis

The oldest place in Tunis is the Medina of Tunis. It’s a world veritage site. You should visit this place  otherwise it’ll be a regret for you. The major attractions in Medina of Tunis includes Bab el Bahr, Victory place, Kasbah Palace, Al Zaytuna Mosque which is the largest mosque in old city, Ibn Khaldun Mosque, Tourbet el bey which the tomb of el bey and Bab e Jadid.

There are many markets where you can walk in and enjoy the liveliness of Medina. You can spend a half day in tunis by visiting major tourist attractions like markets, Mosques and tombs (as I’ve mentioned their names in previous paragraph).

There is a railway station at 10 minutes drive from Median city. From here you can book trains to various cities of Tunis.  


In the East of Tunisia, Sousse is a city developed on the shore of the sea. After completing my tour in Tunis I moved on to Sousse. It’s a small city with nice weather. You can easily make a tour of whole city by walk.

In Sousse you can get variety of hotels ranging from tourist class to five star hotels. So, you have plenty of choice to book a hotel as per your budget or requirement.


 On beaches of Sousse you will see many spots for enjoyment and other activities including sea diving. That’s why Sousse is a famous tourist attraction which hosts many tourists every year.  

Medina(old city) of Sousse

The Medina of Sousse is also worth seeing where you can visit Sousse Grand Mosque, Souq al Ribat market and Dar al Baladeah. You can spent an hour in the old city/Median.


On the end of this old city you can visit  fort/Ribat. You’ll need 1.5 hour to visit this fort in detail. From the roof top of this fort, one can have a splendid view of Sousse city.

Grand Mousque

The Grand Mosque of Sousse is also a very old structure. For Muslims there is no entrance ticket but non-muslims have to buy a ticket to enter into this Mosque.   

Place Farhat

Place Farhat is another tourist spot in Sousse which is located outside of the Medina of Sousse. This is sort of a round-about from where the roads lead to Medina etc. Near to this round-about you can Museum, restaurants and markets.

Kalat al Koubba

Kalat al Koubba is a museum where you can see many historical and cultural models which are arranged in a very amazing pattern that they give you a realistic feeling.

Zaouia(Medrassah) Zakkak

This is a very old Medrassah. You can visit this place which will give you the feel of the traditional Medrassah. It also have a tall minaret. You can climb the top of this minaret to have a very nice view of the surroundings.

Dar El Said Museum

Dar El Said is a private museum which is a multistory building. Basically it’s a house of old times. In this museum many models are arranged beautifully. After visiting this spot you’ll get an idea that how people used to live in old times, what accessories they used and what was their culture.


Monastir is a city which is very close to Sousse. So, you can plan a half day tour to Monastir from Sousse. It’s a very relaxing tourist spot. You can take a bus from Sousse and reach Monastir in about 30 minutes. This is a small but very beautiful city.

Tomb of Habib Bourguiba

The speciality of this city lies in the fact that the tomb of Habib Bourguiba, who was the president of Tunisia, is also in this city. This a newly constructed and very beautiful building. A small museum having various accessories of Habib Bourguiba and his pictures with the leaders of different countries is also lbe seen in this tomb.  

Bourguiba Grand Mosque

Close to this tomb you can visit Bourguiba Grand Mosque. As it’s name shows, this is the largest Mosque of the city.


The fort of Monastir is located exactly at the beach. This is a medium sized fort but it’s beauty is worth seeing as it’s located at the beach. It’s a multistory building and you can make a detailed tour of the fort in 2 hours. You can have an excellent view of the city and sea from the top of this fort.

Old Grand Mosque

This mosque is located near to Bourguiba Grand Mosque. It is just outside the main entrance of fort. This is an older Mosque. This is a smaller mosque, but many tourists visit this Mosque because of it depicts the old culture of the country.Medina(old city) of Monastir

Like all the old cities this is also a must visit place with it’s beautiful markets, minarets and historical buildings. Many tourists, not as much as in Sousse, visit this place.


After visiting Tunis, Sousse and Monastir I moved onto another city on Tunisia which is Kairouan. It is the historical city of Tunisia.

History of Kairouan

Kairouan holds a very important position in Islamic history. When Hazrat Amr Ibn Al-As conquered Egypt and planned to move further towards Africa, It was Kairouan which he made his center of power. He also made an army base in Kairouan. So, it was this army base from where the conquest of Africa including Morocco and Tunisia reached to it’s success.

Later on, with the fall of Umayyad dynasty and rise of Abbasids, a prince of Ummayads ran through Morocco and entered into Spain.

Tariq bin Ziyad and Musa bin Nusayr travelled through Morocco and entered into Spain landing on Jabl Tariq.

So all this could not have been possible without the formation of army base in Kairouan. That’s why this tourist spot is very famous among the tourists from all around the world.  

Aghlabid Water Basins

When I reached Kairoun, The first place I visited was Aghlabid Water Basins. These were huge tanks of water which were used to supply water to whole city. These tanks can be seen even in present time.

Mosque Aqaba Bin Nafeh

Hazrat Aqaba Bin Nafeh was a Muslim general who conqured the North Africa. The Grand Mosque in Kairouan is named after Aqaba Bin Nafeh. It’s huge Mosque. You can have an exact idea of the building designs that were being used in old times. If you visit Kairouan then you must visit this beautiful Mosque.

Medina(old city) of Kairouan

This old city is located exactly on the back side of the Grand Mosque. It has beautiful markets, wide roads with houses painted in blue and white colors. You’ll surely enjoy to visit this old city.


Besides the grand Mosque you can visit the Fort of Kairouan. But this small fort is now converted into a restaurant where you can spent some time to relax and refresh.

Mosque of Three Doors

In old city there exists the famous of three doors. It’s a popular tourist spot. Tourists visit this old Mosque to see it’s ancient architecture. So, tourists with good taste for architecture love to visit this Mosque.   

Bir Barouta

Bir(well) Barouta is a well located in old city. It is claimed that the water in this well has it’s origin from the Zam Zam(The Holy Water) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. So. they claim that this is the same water  This thing makes this well a hot tourist attraction for all the visitors.

I visited this well. The well is quite deep so there was a camel joined with a Persian well and taking water out of the well. This water is used by local population.

Zaouia of Sidi Sahab

It is the tomb of Hazrat Abu Zama El Belaoui who was a Companion of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He died here while he was on tour of Kairouan for the purpose of preaching Islam. This tomb is accompanied by an old but beautiful Mosque.

Secondly, getting this much closer to the tomb of any of the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) companion is very rare in the world. Visiting this place is an honor for Muslims and an excellent experience for tourism lovers.


Moving from Kairouan I reached Hammamet. As it’s close to Tunis so you can visit Hammamat for a day trip from Tunis. It’s weather is very nice.


Hammamet as it’s name depicts (Hammam means bathing place) was a bathing place. Once there were many baths where people used to take bath. With the passage of time a city developed around those baths and the city was named as Hammamet.

It is also located at the shore of the sea and many tourists visit this interesting tourist destination.

Carthage Land

Carthage Land is a joy land where children and adults come with equal interest and enjoy the rides and other activities.

Coast Boat Trip

You can take a boat trip from it’s coast. It’s usually a half day trip and in the trip you are served by refreshments. On the ship the trip organizers arrange many cultural programs, magical shows and games. In short, it can be an excellent half day tour for you.

Medina(old city) of Hammamet

Like all other old cities, the Medina of Hammamet is also a very beautiful and joyful place for tourists. It’s markets have shops selling handcrafts of various colors. The ancient building telling the stories of old times capture your mind.   

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