My Tour to Russia 2/2 (St. Petersburg)

St. Petersburg

After Moscow the second largest city in Russia is Saint Petersburg. St Petersburg tourism is one of it's own kind. It’s old name, in socialist era, was  Leningrad. Even before the socialist revolution it’s name was St. Petersburg , but it was changed by socialist people to Leningrad. But after the democratic revolution it’s name was changed back to St. Petersburg.

Actually Peter was an Emperor who laid foundation of this city. So this city is named after his name.

Palace Square

As Red square was the best place to start tour in Moscow, In St. Petersburg the best place to start your tour is Palace Square. It is the place around which many St Petersburg tourism attractions are present.

These places Include State Hermitage Museum which is situated near to Palace square. It is the biggest museum in St. Petersburg, Winter Palace, Hermitage Building, Hermitage Theatre.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Near to Palace Square there is another tourist destination named Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. This cathedral is a huge building which can be seen from far away. If you want to enter this museum you’ll have to buy a ticket. And if you want to go at the top of this cathedral then you’ll have to buy a separate ticket for that. Tourists can easily spent half day if you want to make a detailed tour of the cathedral.

Near to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral there is a big park. In this park there is a bronze statue of a horseman. If you want to relax in this park then you can easily do so in 30 minutes.

Nevsky Prospekt

Nevsky Prospekt is located on the other side of Palace Square. This is a broad road which leads to train station. Many shopping malls and departmental stores are also located on this road. On the same road Lomonosov is located.

Church on the Spilled Blood

On the right side of this road (Nevsky Prospekt) the most beautiful church of St. Petersburg is located. The name of this Chruch is Church on the Spilled Blood. Actually this is the place where Czar Alexander II was murdered. This church was built on same place where his blood was spilled. This is a gem of historical St Petersburg tourism.

It’s minarets are very beautiful. Due to all these facts this is a top tourist destination for tourists from all around the world.

Russian Museum

Russian Museum is situated near to the church on the spilled blood. You should visit this place to know about the various aspects of history and culture.

St. Micheal’s Castle:

Moving ahead off Russian Museum you’ll reach this castle. Basically it’s a fort. On it’s back side there is Summer Garden which is a huge park. To visit this place in detail you need at least 2 hours.

Smolny Cathedral

Travelling on the right side of St. Petersburg river you’ll see Smolny Cathedral. This is a very very beautiful tourist spot, A large number of Russian people visit this cathedral. The basic reason is that the toms of the last Czar and his family are present in this cathedral.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Coming back from Smolny Cathedral to Hermitage Cathedral and crossing the river, you’ll reach Peter and Paul fortress. This is a huge fort which has cathedrals and museums inside it. So all this make it a hot tourist spot. Tourist who come for St Petersburg tourism, usually visit this fort.

Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque of St. Petersburg is situated near to Peter and Paul Fortress. This is a very beautiful Mosque where Muslims offer prayer five time a day. A large number of Muslims visit this Mosque on Friday.

Coming out of the Mosque and travelling in the direction of river’s flow there is a bridge. A lot of people come to see this bridge in night. The reason for this is that all the bridges around St. Petersburg are moved upward ay 12 am to let ships move into the river. So, in night the roads cannot be used to enter into the St. Petersburg.

Yusupov Palace

Yusupov was a Muslim who moved to Russia from Central Asia. He started business in Russia. He made a lot of money and constructed this palace. But for tourists the actual reason to visit this place is that the Famous Character of Russia, Rasputin was murdered in this palace. The scenes of his murder are recreated by making different statues showing various instances of his murder.

Outside the Main City

There are few tourist spots you should not miss if you are in St. Petersburg city. Although these places are located outside the city but you must visit these places. You can join a group of tourists through a travel agent or you can ask for help from the management of your hotel.


You can go there either by bus, taxi or by boat. Most of the organized tours prefer to go through boat which take about 45 minutes. There is a grand palace in Peterhov. Although this palace is beautiful, but the actual beauty is in the garden situated outside this palace. The beauty of fountains in the garden cannot be explained in words. Naming this palace as the palace of fountains will not be wrong. Emperors of St. Petersburg used to spent much of their time in the garden.

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