My Tour To Russia 1/2 (Moscow)

Moscow Tourism

Russia is one of the most beautiful and amazing countries in the world. Moscow  tourism is a gem in it. I visited Moscow and St Petersburg during my tour. In many parts of world there is a negative image of Russia, may be due to a negative propaganda against it. But when I visited Russia, as a tourist I didn’t feel any negativity regarding Russians. People of Russia are very nice, open minded and they warmly welcome the tourists. While roaming in the cities of Russia you’ll not feel any fear or insecurity.

The only issue in Russia is Russian language as very few people can speak and understand English language. To overcome this issue you should have a complete map of the city and the visiting card of the hotel which you have reserved.  So, I am sure that whenever you’ll visit Russia, it’ll be totally a new, better and different experience for you.

To visit various tourist spots in Russian cities, the most comfortable and economical mean of transport is subway system of Russia. If you have a map of subway and you know the location of your destination, it will be very economical to travel using subway.


The capital of Russia is Moscow. Most of the tourists visiting Russia land in Moscow. Or if they land in some other city, Moscow is a must visit city in their list. This city can be compared with any developed city in the world. A lot of tourist attraction can be seen in Moscow. 

Metro Stations

In Moscow city a tourist should not miss to see metro stations. These station will leave you astonished, they are not less than a museum. Each station is different from the other. A large number of tourist take pictures of these stations. It's an important part of Moscow tourism.

It has fixed ticket. If you have purchased a ticket then you can go to any stop you want to.  If you don’t leave the metro station then the single ticket is enough for as much journey as you want. But once you leave the metro station, you have to buy a new ticket for travelling on metro again.  

Red Square

The best place to start your tourism journey in Moscow is Red Square. Most of the tourist attractions is Moscow and around this Red Square. Red square hosts many official functions, memorials of leaders, and address of leaders. When you visit Red Square you witness an amazing view in front of you because not only some worth seeing Churches are present there but also the presidential house “Kremlin” is also located here.


Kremlin has been a house for presidents of USSR as well as Russia. Many official spots are located inside Kremlin. To visit Kremlin you need a one full day because there is a lot to see in here. Firstly you have to purchase a ticket to enter into the Kremlin. Mostly it’s a long que of tourists to purchase tickets for Kremlin.

The famous worth seeing tourist spots in Kremlin include Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles, Cathedral of Assumption, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, Tsar Bell, Cathedral of Annunciation, Grand Kremlin Palace, State Diamond Fund, Kremlin Armoury and many other places. So it takes at least a day to see all these spots in detail.

The ticket you’ll purchase to enter Kremlin will be enough to visit all these places except State Diamond Fund and Kremlin Armoury. For these two places you’ll have to buy a separate ticket.

Monument of Vladimir

Just outside the Kremlin there is Monument of Vladimir which is a huge statue. Many people stop by here to take pictures.

Alexander Garden

On one side of Kremlin there is Alexander Garden. It’s on same side from where you purchase ticket for Kremlin. It’s a very beautiful garden which is spread over a large area. Basically it’s a garden with many fountains. In evening you easily spent a relaxing hour in this garden.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

In Red Square there is another historical spot to visit which is Lenin’s Mausoleum. A lot of people wait in long ques to pay their respect to the Lenin. There is no ticket to visit this mausoleum. You just have to stand in que and wait for your turn to enter into the tomb.

Inside the mausoleum the preserved body of Lenin is on display. No one is allowed to take pictures. You should silently visit this place. People enter from one gate of mausoleum and exit from the other gate.

Saint Basil Cathedral

If you’ll look on the right hand side from Lenin’s Mausoleum, you’ll see a very beautiful and colorful building with multiple minarets. This building is Saint Basil Cathedral. Many tourists like to take pictures outside this beautiful part of Moscow tourism. To enter into the cathedral you have to purchase a ticket.

Like Lenin’s Mausoleum, here is also a long que of people to but ticket and enter into the cathedral.

State History Museum and Kazan Cathedral

On the opposite side of Saint Basil Cathedral you will see State History Museum and Kazan Cathedral. Both of these spots serve as interesting tourist spots for tourist. You can enter into the Kazan Cathedral without a ticket. You can easily enter into the cathedral without waiting in long que.

Iberian Chapel and Resurrection Gate

Iberian Chapel and Resurrection Gate are located at back side of Kazan Cathedral. You can take pictures outside the building and can go inside as well without any ticket.

Zero Kilometer

Outside Iberian Chapel and Resurrection Gate there is a point known as Moscow’s Zero Kilometer. Basically while travelling from other cities the distance to Moscow is calculated from this point. That’s the reason it’s known as Moscow’s zero Kilometer.

Statue of Minin and Pozharsky & Gum Store

Just outside the Saint Basil Cathedral there is the Statue of Minin ans Pozharsky . On the other side of Red Sqaure there is a hude shopping mall which is known as Gum store. From here you can get whatever you want. It operates from early morning till late night. So it can be included in Moscow tourism.

Moving Outside the Red Square

Moving out of Red Square from the side of Iberian Chapel there are few more tourist spots of your right hand side. You should not miss these spots.

Statue of Karl Marx

There is a statue of Karl Marx. Tourists from all around the world love to take pictures with this statue.

Bolsjoi Theatre

Bloshoi Theatre which is the oldest theatre of Moscow. This theatre remains busy showing various shows throughout the year. So tourists who like watching theatre and live performances, it’s an ideal place for them.


Moscow River

Coming out of red square from Saint Basil’s side, you’ll see Moscow river right in front of you. You can take a boat trip to enjoy the beautiful views of Moscow city. You can purchase the ticket from the bridge and ride the boat to have scenic tour of Moscow. This tour usually take 40 minutes. This is a unique side of Moscow tourism.

Peter the Great Monument

While enjoying the boat tour in Moscow river, you’ll see that your boat will pass by a monument known as Peter The Great Monument. This is a black colored huge statue of Peter located at shore of the river which overlooks the complete Moscow.

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The point from where you purchased the ticket for boat tour, going to the opposite side of that point you will reach The State Tretyakov Gallery. This gallery have many beautiful and precious historic paintings. It’s an ideal tourist spot for those who have passion for paintings.

Bench of Reconciliation

Moving back from State Tretyakov gallery to the Moscow river you’ll see a decorated bench by the river. Basically this bench, decorated with beautiful flowers, is known as Bench of Reconciliation. Many newly married couples visit this place on first day of their wedding to take pictures. So for tourists it’s a very interesting place to see those couples and Russian families in colorful dresses with their happy faces.    

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Moving from Bench of Reconciliation towards the Re square you’ll see a cathedral known as Cathedrl of Christ the Saviour. This is considered as the holiest and most sacred cathedral for Christians in Russia. People wait in 3-4kn long que to enter into this cathedral. On occasion of Christmas people spend 2-3 days in que waiting to enter into the cathedral.

Grand Mosque

There is a Grand Mosque of Muslims in Moscow. Muslims offer prayer five times a day in this Mosque. A large number of Muslims visit this Mosque on Friday. There is a subway station nerby this Mosque so you can access this mosque easily. So, Moscow tourism is multi facet tourism. 

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