My Tour to Singapore

My Tour to Singapore

Singapore is an extremely beautiful tourist destination. If you get an opportunity to visit a foreign country then you should visit Singapore. There are many places to visit in Singapore for tourists. On your tour to Singapore you can also combine Malaysia and Thailand with this tour. If you have visa for Thailand or Malaysia then you can travel to these countries from Singapore by road. Indonesia is also near to Singapore so I you like to join it with your tour, it’ll be fine.  The area of Singapore is only around 690 square kilometers which is equal to 1/4th of Lahore.

The environment of Singapore is very nice, it’s streets are so clean, people are so cooperative and above all Singapore is one of the safest country in the world. Children and women can freely move into the markets without any fear. Fresh fruits from around the world are available here.


As it’s near to equator so the weather is warm throughout the year and changes in weather are minor. So you can visit Singapore whenever you want. Rain is not predictable in Singapore so while travelling you should always keep rain coat or umbrella with you.

Changi Airport

While travelling to Singapore you’ll land at Changi airport. This airport in itself is worth seeing for tourists. This is one of the most advanced and well maintained airports in the world.

In this airport you’ll see plenty of flowers and greenery all around. There is a museum in airport which is free for travelers. There is a cinema as well. So while Arriving or departing from this airport you should spare 2-3 hours to visit this airport. From here you can easily go to places to visit in Singapore for tourists.

Sentosa Island

For site seeing in Singapore the Sentosa island is an excellent tourist spot. You can easily spent a day at this island. You can reach this island either by boat or cable car. Now the authorities have constructed a bridge to reach Sentosa Island so now you can reach there by crossing the bridge as well.

There are various tourist spots to visit in Sentosa. You can ride a train, bus, visit aquarium, visit beaches, see the museum and a lot of food stalls. So there is plenty of things to enjoy for both, adults and children.

If you have decided to go Sentosa Island through cable car then you’ll have to reach Mount Faber.

Mount Faber

To reach at the platform of cable car you have to climb to the top of this mountain. There are stairs which lead you to the platform. Around Mount Faber there are many gardens so it’s a beautiful feel while climbing the mountain.

The Land Mark of Singapore (Merlion Park)

The land mark of Singapore is Merlion Park. Basically Merlion is the statue of a fish whose face is of lion. There is a fountain is the mouth of the Merlion and the water of fountain falls into the sea. This Merlion is located in Marina Bay.

Marina Bay Sands

The nearby places include telok ayer market, change alley and a hotel having a huge swimming pool at it’s top. This hotel is known as Marina Bay Sands.Only the guests of this hotel are allowed to enjoy in swimming pool but good news is that tourist are allowed to have view from the top floor of hotel. So you should visit this place and have a view of the surroundings from top.


The famous Mosque in Singapore is Sultan Mosque. If you visit Singapore then this is another tourist attraction you should not miss. It’s structure is worth seeing. It's one of the beautiful places to visit in Singapore for tourists.

Science Centre

Other tourist attractions in Singapore include Singapore Science Centre. This is very informative specially for children. There are well explained models of many scientific equipments.

Jurong Bird Park

This bird park is one of it’s own kind science many years. You can easily spent a day at this park and you’ll never get bored. There are many bird shows specially the show of eagles and parrots. This is a huge park so there is a train for travelling within the park.

Haw Par Villa

Among worth seeing places to visit in Singapore for tourists is Haw Par Villa. It’s old name was Tiger Balm Gardens. The tourist attractions in this villa include gardens, peaks, boat rides and many cultural statues.

Many stage and magic shows are organized in this villa which are amusing for adults as well as children. So you can easily spent a half day in this villa.

Raffles Landing Site and Raffles Hotel

This place has historic importance for Singapore. It’s the place where the first European landed on Singapore. His statue is placed at this spot and this spot is known as Raffles landing site. Many tourists visit this place and love to take pictures of/with statue.  

Beside this statue there is Raffles hotel which is the most expensive hotel in Singapore. To visit this hotel it is not mandatory to be a guest of the hotel. There is a museum in Singapore so tourists are allowed to visit it without checking in.

China Town

China town is a worth visiting spot. Tourists visit this place to see it’s markets and roads decorated in Chinese style. Chinese people live there in huge numbers which give you a feel of China in air.

Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Chinese and Japanese gardens are two very beautiful and relaxing places in Singapore. To fully enjoy at these parks you should visit these gardens either in early morning or in evening when the temperature has fallen to ambient.

Cultural Shows

People of various races live in Singapore. These include South Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Americans and Malay (Malaysian race as before 1965 Singapore was a part of Malaysia). So this country is a mixture of various nationalities. That’s the reason the many cultural shows are organized in Singapore and these shows attract the tourist visiting Singapore.

This variety of nationalities is the reason that you can get a huge variety of foods to eat in Singapore.

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