My Tour To Srilanka (1/3) “Hill Country”

Srilanka is one of those countries whose visa policy is flexible for tourists. It offers the facility of E-Visa with an issuance period of less than two years.  One has to apply for visa online whichis a relief for tourists. Make a google search for E-Visa for Srilanka and look for their website, submit fee for visa and send soft copies of passport . So, in this way E-Visa is issued. That’s why it’s a favourite tourist attraction and vacation spot.

If you can do all these steps by yourself then it’s good otherwise you can avail the service of a travel agent. The visa for Srilanka costs 2000-2500 PKR per person. The cost of ticket for Lahore-Colombo-Lahore via Srilankan Airlines varies as per season but by an estimate it costs 60,000-65,000 PKR per person for economy class. This is a direct flight.

After the discussion of visa and ticket now we will proceed our tour. From tourism point of view we can divide Srilanka into three regions. These regions are:

  • Hill Country.
  • Cultural Triangle.
  • Beaches.

Hill Country:

I will start sharing my experience from Hill country. It consists of mountains and it’s largest city is Kandy. Kandy is 2nd largest city of Srilanka after Colombo . Other major cities include Ella, Dalhousie from where Adam’s peak is the nearest point, Nuwara Eliya, Badulla, Haputale (From where worlds end or Horton plains are very nearby).


After I landed on Colombo airport i got a bus for Kandy from airport. It was a hilly road and took about 2.5 hours to reach Candy. After reaching Kandy I went to my hotel and relaxed. Then I started my tourism expedition.  I started with the Kandy Lake. The places I visited are as below:


Kandy Lake:

There is a beautiful lake in the middle of Kandy city, the lake is named as Kandy Lake. The entire Kandy city is developed around this lake in the shape of a bowl. This one of the top tourist destinations.

Temple of The Tooth:

On the shore of this lake there is the Holiest Buddhist Temple in Srilnaka. This is known as the Temple of The Tooth. The speciality of this temple lies in that fact that here lies the tooth of Buddha. So, all Buddhist people in Srilanka has spiritual affection to this temple.

Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue:

Another tourist spot in Kandy is the huge statue of Buddha which stands at the peak of a hill. From there you can have a scenic view of the city. So you must visit this beautiful destination.

There are many botanical gardens and old Buddhist temples in Kandy.  These include Malwatte Maha Vihara, Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue (which I have mentioned in previous paragraph). There are also some Hindu Temples and church near to Kandy lake which I’ll show in the pictures from my tour. If you have a 2-3 days stay plan in Kandy then you can easily visit all these tourist spots and enjoy your vacations.

Adam’s Peak:

After that, I planned to reach Adams’s peak. I made a 2 hours ride to Dalhousie village. From here the trekking starts towards Adam’s Peak.

It’s a continuous climb which may take 3-5 hours (one side) depending on your effort. Usually tourists prefer to start this climb at 12-1 am so that they can have the splendid view of sun rise reaching at the peak. In a cloudy day the tip of Adam’s peak is above the clouds and when the sunrise the shadow of this tip cast on the clouds making it a majestic view.  So, this can be an excellent addition to your tourism diary.

For this plan you should reach Dalhousie by evening and after having dinner you can leave for Adam’s peak at 12-1 am. Or you can plan a night stay at Dalhousie if you want to relax.


Another worth seeing tourist spot in hill country is Ella. It’s a beautiful place on a mountain so there are many waterfalls to see.

Nearby Ella there is a famous worth seeing Nine Arches Train Bridge. It’s at a 20 minutes walk for Ella. It’s a famous tourist destination because a lot of tourists gather here to capture and record the beautiful scene when train come of the tunnel in mountain and cross this nine arches bridge.

Little Adam’s Peak:

Another tourist spot in Ella is Little Adam’s Peak. As compared to Adam’s peak this one is easy climb. But you can have a beautiful view of Ella from here.

Rawan Waterfall:

This a another hot tourist spot near Ella. It is said that according to belief of Hindus, Rawan Kidnapped Sitta from India and hide here around this waterfall. So, from this story this waterfall got it’s name, Rawan waterfall.

If you want to make your tour to Ella even more memorable then try to take the ride of train. It’s a beautiful and scenic track. This track was laid down by British during their rule. It starts from Kandy and passing through Ella it ends up at Badula which is also a beautiful city.


Badula has two famous temples. One of them is Kataragama which is basically a Hindu temple Muthiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya temple. These two are major tourist destinations in Badula and always has a number of visitors. So if you are in Badula then you should visit these temples.

Horton Plains (World’s end):

If you are going to Horton Plains from Ella then this is a 2 hours journey by train. This is an extremely beautiful train track which has a lot of tunnels, zigzag track, tea farms all the way and a wonderful experience for tourists.

There are two ways to climb to the Horton plains, by walk or hiring a rikshaw. By walk it will take approximately 2 hours and by rikshaw it will take 25 minutes. The same rikshaw will wait for you at entrance of Horton plains and will drop you back to the station. So basically you hire rikshaw for round trip. The rikshaw will charge you 3000-4000 Srilankan Rupees.

Upon reaching to the entrance of Horton plains you have to buy the tickets. From there onwards no vehicle or food items are allowed. From entrance of Horton plains to point World’s end it’s a walk of 3 hours. These are very beautiful plain which are similar to the Deosai plains in north of Pakistan.

On reaching World’s end basically you are at a very high point and there is a shear drop in front of you. That is the reason to name this place as World’s end. Tourists from all over the world come here to see this hot tourist destination. So, you should not miss this place.

This was my experience of Hill Country in Srilanka. In my next post I’ll share my experience of tour to Cultural Triangle of Srilanka.

See You Soon!

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