Rawalpindi To Khunjerab Pass (1/2)

As This Tour Was Made in 1995 So For Bad Picture Quality, I Apologize 


In 1995 we (me and my friends) planned for Khunjerab pass and northern areas of Pakistan. It was decided that we’ll do this adventurous tour by public transport. We started our trip from Rawalpindi and reached Haripur by bus and it took us about 4 hours to reach their . After reaching Haripur we took another bus to reach Bisham. It took about 3.5 hours to reach Bisham from Haripur.

Our first night stay was in Bisham. Room rent was 1200 PKR at that time. After one night stay in Bisham we decided to to do some off roading. W left towards swat valley but just to the Shangla top in 2.5 hours depending on road condition. It is said that Shangla top is higher than Murree. You can enjoy a beautiful view from there. After that we came back to Bisham in evening and spent another night there.

Next morning we continued our journey towards Khunjerab and left for chillas. It took us about 3.5 hours. On this route Indus river runs on one side of the road but far below the road level and mountain on other side. It is that point from where taking a left turn you can go to naran via babusar top. We spent night there. T that time the room rent was 1200 PKR.


Next morning we decided that today we’ll visit Babusar top. We left for Babusra top and it took us 3.25-3.5 hours to reach there via jeep. It was very cold and spectacular tourist spot. You can get an excellent view of Nanga Parbat in a clear day. After spending some time there we came back to Chillas for another night stay.


This is the picture of the tourist spot, Chillas-Babusar


Petroglyphs and Chillas Fort:

While coming back from Babusar top to Chillas there is one more place to visit which is on the other side of river Indus. Chillas city is on the eastern side of river Indus but on the western side of river you can see a tourist attraction, Petroglyphs. These are basically the carvings of different shapes in the mountains of ancient times. Various catalogues and guides are available about them. But worst thing is that after the construction of Diamir-Bhasha dam, they will be drown under water. So, I wish that government will take appropriate steps to preserve such a heritage and tourist attraction.


This is the picture of the tourist spot, Chillas-Babusar, petroglyphs


There is a fort in Chillas city. At that time it was being used as a police station. It’s an old structure and due to poor maintenance it was in bad condition. We were able to visit it by requesting the police officials.

Chillas-Raikot Bridge:

After 2 nights stay in Chillas we moved onto KKH  towards Khunjerab and our next stop was Raikot bridge.. There was a restaurant made by Sharngrila Resorts which was not operational at that time. By bus, it took us about 1.5 hours to reach from Chillas to Raikot.

It is the point where a right turn will take you to Fairy Meadows .From there you can go to Fairy Meadows by trekking which is quite an adventurous but exhausting task. The other way to reach Fairy Meadows is to go there by jeep. Private jeeps are not allowed there so there is group of locals how provide you with jeep service. So, park your car at Raikot Bridge and hire a jeep.

Raikot Bridge-Fairy Meadows:

After 1 hour travel from Raikot Bridge we reach Tattoo. It is that place where you can see steaming hot water. We reached upto that point by jeep but after that we had to leave that jeep as the bridge was collapsed.

We had a cup of tea there and refreshed ourselves.  So from there we left towards Fairy Meadows by trekking  which took us upto about 2 hours. So if you want to trek towards Fairy Meadows then it’ll take 1.5-2.5 hours or you can also hire a horse from their which will take about 1.5 hour.  Their fare vary as per season.


This is the picture of the tourist spot in Pakistan, Fairy Meadows, Nanga Parbat


Fairy meadows is at the peak of the mountain. It’s a muthical place and a top tourist attraction across the world. From there you can see KKH. Nanga Parbat also looks very close. On a clear day you can see every detail of Nanga Parbat from there. There is a lake in Fairy meadows. On a clear day you can see the reflection of Nanga Parbat in that lake.

If you have plan for night stay at Fairy Meadows then you should know that there is no proper guest house to stay in Fairy Meadows so the only option for night stay is to hire a tent. Their rates are usually high because as I told you earlier that only one party manages this. Same is the case with food. So, it’s better to take snacks with you. If you want to trek from Fairy meadows to Base camp then you’ll have to leave for it in early morning so that you’ll come back to fairy meadows by evening.


On coming back from Fairy Meadows to Raikot bridge we continued our journey towards Gilgit by bus. It took us about 2.5 hours. Gilgit is a dry Hilly region. River Indus runs in centre of Gilgit  city and there are many places to visit in Gilgit. One famous place is Kargah where a sculpture of Buddha is engraved in a mountain. Another point to see is where gilgit river meets with hunza river.

Rama Lake:

On eastern side of Gilgit you can move towards some very beautiful tourist spots, Rama and Astore. Astore is about 3-3.5 Hours from Gilgit if road is clear. It’s a cold area because of it’s height. Same road will lead you towards Deosai plains via Astore. For this you have to come back towards Raikot bridge. Before Raikot bridge there is a place called Bunji from where you have to hire a jeep, cross the Indus river and go to it’s other side and move towars Astore. In our journey road was blocked due to landslide so it took us about 4.5 hours to reach Astore.


This is the picture of the tourist spot in Pakistan, Rama LAke, Astore


Astore city is far high from road. So if you are planning to go by public transport then try to take the Wagon which go to Astore as it’ll take you into Astore city otherwise you’ll have to walk towards Astore city which is quite a tough task.

At that time there were few small accommodations in Astore city and similarly there was no high class arrangements for food but Daal and Vegetable were easily available.  The Hotel charged us 1200 PKR for accommodation. There is army cantonment in Astore so mobilization of Helicopters is normal there. The tourist attraction in Astore is basically it’s topography.

Next day we left from Astore to Rama Valley which was quite a high point. It took us about 30 mins by jeep but if you choose to trek than it will take almost 2-2.5 hours due to it’s elevation. It’s a beautiful  and scenic tourist point. Going further ahead we went to Rama lake. The track to Rama lake is also very scenic that you can see the northern edge of Nanga Parbat, not as clear as from Fairy meadows, but still a good view. Distance of Rama Lake from Rama is hiking of about 1-1.5 hour. There is also a glacier in this track. It’s not too much high point but it’s a beautiful lake.


This is the picture of the tourist spot in Pakistan, Rama Lake, Astore


In present time a PTDC motel is available in Rama but at that time there was no such facility so we reserved a PWD rest house from Astore in just 5 mins. We stayed there for a night. The watchman there was very friendly and he arranged the dinner for us by cooking Daal and Vegetable for us. So according to my experience , whatever you want to eat in Rama, try to take that item from Astore with you amd ask the servant or watchman to cook it for you.


This is the picture of the tourist spot in Pakistan, Rama Lake, Astore


If you want to go Rupal, another scenic tourist attraction, then you can get a Wagon from Astore. So, you can also see the Rupal side face of Nanga Parbat. That side of Nanga Parbat is so vertical that even ice can’t stay there and that side stays naked throughout the year. That’s the reason that it is known as Nanga Parbat.

That’s all for now, we’ll continue our journey towards khunjerab in next post…


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